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I can help!

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Forest Lake

Hi! I'm Cindy. 

I am a helper 
I am a healer
I am a guide
I am candid
I am compassionate
I am intuitive
I am a manifestor 
I am a problem solver
I am a light worker

I help women in the midst of chaos (called their lives) find direction and feel sure of themselves again so they can connect to the life they want with peace and ease.

Golden Key
Woman Alone in Forest

Who I Help


I help weary parents of  kids who are "outside the box" to feel at peace and connected with their kids (and to themselves) again.

Fears / Phobias

Helping people who live in a state of Fight Flight or Freeze to release the thought patterns that are keeping them stuck in this emergency state and to feel ease and flow

Financial Advisors

I help professionals transform their feelings of stress, overwhelm, and isolation into a sense of peace and ease. 

Trauma / PTSD

We all have trauma in our lives whether it's big "T" or little "t". Although the memories are in our mind, it is also stored in our bodies. 
The subconscious mind is always using that information from the trauma to "keep you safe". This may show up as physical pains, emotional outbursts, depression, thoughts of suicide or isolation.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs

As a Spiritual Entrepreneur you may have hopes and dreams of shining your light and sharing your gifts. You have done alot of your shadow work already but you are still not standing in your full power.
Let's see how we can create new beliefs so you can SHINE!


First Responders/ Law Enforcement

There is a tremendous of on going stress in a first responder job. This ongoing stress, if not dealt with, can lead to physical and emotional issues that can become debilitating. 
I show frontline workers how to manage their stress and find their way back to peace and passion for their life and profession.


"Cindy is truly amazing!...She gets to the core of your being and draws out the real you, your potential."

N.P. - France

"Cindy expertly guided me through our session knowing that what (information) came up in our session was supposed to. And when it did, she knew exactly how to handle it and did so with humor and compassion"

G.K. - Intuitive Life Coach / Medium

"Cindy is amazing at what she does. She has helped me breakthrough some major blocks and traumas in my life...I highly recommend her"

Christy, Reiki Master - Iowa

"Cindy has an amazing ability to tap into my energy and know what is going on with me... without me saying a word!! 
Her healing sessions are nourishing and insightful, major shifts happen!!

Jennifer, Spiritual Life Coach, Mom, Wife, Reiki Master

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